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Friday---> My dad dropped me off near jackie's house, and me her… - Laura's Journal <3 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[May. 2nd, 2004|09:18 am]
* laura *
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Friday---> My dad dropped me off near jackie's house, and me her n nicole then walked 2 alyssa's. We got there and me n nik wanted coffee so we walked 2 dunkin donuts.. on the way there we talked about sum 'things' and next thing u know, the guy that we were talkin about, brother drove by..it was hysterical. me n nik got a ride half way by her cuzin, who is like the hottest guy everrr..and wen i got outta the car i sed really lously "wow i jst got a ride by like the hottest guy in town!" ahh and i think he heard..it was rlly embarrassing (but funny)..then we walked back into dobbs, n met up wit ob &alyss in town at brick.  then we walked bak 2 jackie's where matt n nagor were hanging out.  Then we went back in2 town & a lil later, ob, nagor, n matt went and picked up jackie's sis frm da dance.  So me nikki & alyssa went bak 2 alyssa's house n chilled there til around 11...then niki's mom drove me home..

Saturday-->  Around 12:30 i went to the diner with nikki n jackie.  then we stopped at jackie's house so we could get her straightener.  Then we walked 2 alyssa's house n nicole straightened her hair.  Around 2:30 my dad picked us all up and dropped us off at the movies where we saw MEAN GIRLS! it was rlly good.  then alyssa's dad picked us up..but he was at the wrong movie theatre-haha.  so we had 2 give him directions ova the phone..we all went bak 2 alyssa's and jackie left to go hang out with michelle.  me & nikki had dinner at alyssa's house n then we took her sisters out for ice cream..walked bak home..and then coon called us 2 cum hang out at the park.  bubba, tommy, ian, isacc, n matt f. were all there, so we jst chilled 4 a while..i got picked up & came home after. 

Today-->  working on my global project =(  then goin shoppin at havana jeans!! yay....xoxo


From: jazzledazzle
2004-05-02 07:52 pm (UTC)


Laura I took you and Jackie's advice and made a livejournal. -Jaslee
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From: candi_kissez2
2004-05-02 10:47 pm (UTC)

Re: advice...

cool-- i'll add u to my friend's list

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